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Driver cpc training

Driver cpc training

High Quality Refresher Training By A Professional For Professionals

Pride Training in association with PSV Solutions. Working together to make a difference.

What is CPC training?

You may have heard of the term Driver CPC, but what does it actually mean? This guide explains all about what a Driver CPC is and whether or not you need to have one. If you read this guide and determine you do need a Driver CPC qualification, here at PSV Solutions we can provide full periodic training for all drivers that are required to carry a DQC (Driver Qualification Card) for their careers in driving

Do I require CPC Training?

You must carry a DQC card if you wish to drive a lorry, bus or coach as the main part of your job. this is for all lorries exceeding 3.5 tonnes gross weight including trailers, and for bus and coach drivers that generally carry over 9 passengers.

Failure to carry a valid DQC risks a fine of up to £1000

Where can I find reputable CPC trainers?

JAUPT have their own website with a comprehensive list of accredited trainers. Of course you can find Chris on the site but if you need to find trainers a little closer to your operation then you will find all the trainers in your area by visiting

Remember, I would be more than happy to travel if you want to take 35 hours over a 5 day period.

Where can we get trained by you?

I have two fully equipped conference rooms in both Crawley, near Gatwick Airport and Reigate just 10 minutes from the M25 Junction 8..... or quite simply, I can come to your location and train your drivers in house anywhere within the London and South East region, providing your facility is suitable. All delegates just need access to sit at a table to enable them to take notes, and of course keep score during the interactive fun quiz that continues during each refresher day.

Course locations are provided with either a large screen tv or projector screen, refreshement and facilities. Our Reigate location comes with free tea and coffee for all delegates.

How long will my card last?

Your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) is valid for five years.

In order to retain your Driver CPC, you will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years if you want to continue driving professionally.

Your periodic training must be taken with an approved training centre.

How much will my training cost?

CPC Training rates start at just £49 per delegate +VAT with PSV Solutions. Our fees are inclusive of an £8.75 upload costs The price we quote is the price you pay. We are more than happy to run courses at weekends for £59 per delegate +VAT. We can also book in half day courses of 3.5 hours spread over two days. Just remember that the the 2nd part of the course must begin within 24 hours of the first course being completed. This will give you 7 hours towards your next DQC.

We are happy to quote a fixed price based on a group booking. Prices start from £425 +VAT per day (minimum 10 delegates).

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Training Dates

A little about Chris...

As a JAUPT accredited Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) trainer I can offer a complete 35 hour course for drivers to qualify for the DQC in one week but in all honesty, I really believe in giving high quality training over a 5 year period for drivers to get the most from these courses.

Studies show that most drivers can only take in a limited amount of information in a short period so taking a one day refresher annually gives far better results than cramming training in over a short period of time.

As a qualified international Passenger Transport Certificate of Professional Competence holder, JAUPT accredited Driver CPC trainer and with almost 30 years PCV driving experience, I know and understand the everyday working life of a truck, bus and coach driver and believe in refresher training that is relevant to drivers every day needs. I can bespoke your requirements to fit with your operational needs to make every course interesting and worthwhile.

From just £49 per driver per day including all upload fees, I have ten 3.5 hour JAUPT approved modules to choose from using the latest high quality presentation equipment. Training days are fully comprehensive and interactive to ensure driver participation so that the relevant information can be taken in and used in their every day duties.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section to learn more about driver CPC and to establish all the facts surrounding driver training..

Here at PSV Solutions we are striving to improve standards towards complete professionalism for all vocational drivers that use our roads daily. Since the introduction of refresher training back in 2009. Since the introduction of training road safety has significantly improved and with the standards rising all the time, any thoughts that with the looming Brexit date happening soon that the need to undertake periodic training will cease are highly mistaken.

CPC is here to stay so why not get the best refresher training available for a competitive price and peace of mind that anyone sitting on my courses will gain some new knowledge from an approved JAUPT accredited professional trainer.

Kindest regards,
Chris Muzzall